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The State Belt

by William H. Kaufman and Michelle S. Kaufman

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For decades, the waterfront of San Francisco was served by a railroad called the State Belt of California. Owned, like the waterfront itself, by the State of California, it operated with steam switch engines until dieselization with Alco power in 1946. It was built to serve the piers and industries of the waterfront area, interchanging with Southern Pacific at King Street, and with Santa Fe, Northwestern Pacific, and Western Pacific by car float. The State Belt provided switching service, for dozens of industrial spurs, and right onto the piers themselves.

The City of San Francisco obtained title to the Port and the railroad in 1969, and spun off the Belt to Kyle Railways in 1973; Kyle gave up in 1993. But remnants of the Belt are still visible in San Francisco. Enthusiasts of rail operations and of California railroading will want to own this book.

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