Great Northern Lines East

Second Edition

by Patrick C. Dorin

Table of Contents

Preface 5
Acknowledgements and Dedication6
1. Lines East9
2. Lines East Passenger Service15
3. Great Northern Passenger Equipment51
4. The Streamlined Empire Builder79
5. Freight Goes Great When It Goes Great Northern101
6. Great Northern Freight Equipment133
by Richard H. Hendrickson and Staffan Ehnbom
7. The Mesabi Division201
8. Great Northern Steam Power219
9. Great Northern Diesel Power247
10. What Made Great Northern Great?285
Appendix A: Lines East Mainline Profiles290
Appendix B: Lines East Major Facilities293
Appendix C: GN Business Cars,1950-1970 by Jim Ruffing294
Appendix D: Passenger Equipment, 1940-1970295