Southern Pacific's Sacramento Shops

Incubator of Innovation

by Robert A. Pecotich

Table of Contents

Chapter 1, Beginnings: From the Shack on the Levee11
Chapter 2, From the Gold Spike to 190031
Chapter 3, Harriman and The Common Standard117
Chapter 4, The Shops Spread Out147
Chapter 5, USRA and ''Let's Do It Ourselves''163
Chapter 6, Roaring in the 1920s185
Chapter 7, Malaise and Resurgence255
Chapter 8, The Shops' ''Finest Hour''305
Chapter 9, Transition Years for Motive Power and Passengers341
Chapter 10, The Rebuild Years421
Chapter 11, A New Beginning459
Appendix 1, Patents Issued to Selected Shops Craftsmen463
Appendix 2, Roster, Shops-built Locomotives 1873-1937465
Appendix 3, George Stoddard's Notebook477
Appendix 4, Records and Images479