Southern Pacific Daylight Locomotives

Robert J. Church

Table of Contents

1. Concept of a Locomotive1
2. Delivery, Display, Test Runs11
3. From the Builders27
4. GS-1 The Forerunners71
5. GS-2 The Streamlined Locomotive91
6. GS-3 The First Speedsters99
7. GS-4 Ultimate in Passenger Power111
8. GS-5 Experiment in Roller Bearings127
9. GS-6 The War Babies135
10. GS-7 and GS-8 In From St. Louis145
11. Development and Tests159
12. Shoppings and Modifications171
13. Coast Route191
14. Sunset and Golden State Routes237
15. San Joaquin Valley Route267
16. Overland Route287
17. Shasta Route301
18. GS Finale319
19. 4449--A Queen Revived329
20. Tenders by Arnold S. Menke349
21. Data and Specifications379