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The Santa Fe Route

Railroads of Arizona, Volume 4

by David F. Myrick

Santa Fe jacket

The fourth volume in this acclaimed history of Arizona railroads, covering the construction and operation of the Santa Fe main line across northern Arizona, is a fitting addition to this fine series.

From the beginning of construction as the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad in 1881, when northern Arizona was a remote and lightly settled part of the Territory, through the transition brought on by Santa Fe's bankruptcy in 1897, and finally to incorporation into the Santa Fe Railway in 1902, the story of the pioneer days is here. Towns from Winslow to Flagstaff to Kingman had their origins and early growth with the coming of the railroad. Their initial histories revolved around the doings of the Santa Fe, as did the histories of towns in the surrounding territory of the rail line. This rich lore of local history along the Santa Fe in northern Arizona is an important part of the book.

During the twentieth century, additional construction and improvements took place along the Santa Fe. This topic is covered, as is the transition from steam to diesel locomotives, passenger as well as freight operations, and the transition to Amtrak and the modern era.

The distinguished Western historian David F. Myrick has authored three previous volumes about the railroads of Arizona, as well as two volumes about the railroads of Nevada and eastern California, and a volume on railroads of New Mexico. He has also written local histories of San Francisco's Telegraph Hill and Santa Barbara's Montecito. Following the pattern of previous books, he brings meticulous research, numerous maps, and a superb collection of rare and historic photographs to this new volume of the Arizona series. As always, his writing is clear and readable. This is an outstanding book of railroad history, of interest to Western and Arizona historians and rail enthusiasts as well as to those focused on the Santa Fe.

A superb painting of Santa Fe trains passing in the high country of central Arizona, as shown above, was prepared by railroad artist Rod Aszman for the dust jacket of this book.

Comments from reviewers

"For some years now, David Myrick has been chronicling the railroads of California, Nevada and Arizona. This volume covers the Santa Fe main line across Arizona into the 1990s. Myrick is characteristically thorough ... The book is well illustrated with photos ... and maps. Santa Fe fans--and they are legion--will want this book." (full text of review available)

-- George H. Drury, Trainsmagazine

"Myrick's account is monumentally complete, thoroughly researched and very well illustrated. This is a handsome, well-designed book with first-rate photo reproduction. Anyone interested in the history of the Santa Fe or western railroads will find this a most welcome addition to their library." (full text of review available)

-- Richard Hendrickson, Railroad Model Craftsmanmagazine

"Skillful writing makes this book very engaging and readable throughout. Photos and graphics chosen for the book are excellent, it is very elegantly laid out, and the amount of research is simply astounding! A very nice book."

- reviewer, Publishers Marketing Association

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Particulars: The Santa Fe Route, Railroads of Arizona, Vol. 4, by David F. Myrick
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