The Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railway

by Patrick C. Dorin


Train Operations and Service
1. Around--Not Thru Chicago: A Bit of History10
2. Freight Trains from Porter to Weukegan22
3. Coal Drags and Unit Trains36
4. Ore Trains from the Lake Superior Region42
5. East Joliet and Kirk Yards44
6. Passenger Service on the EWJ&E58
Motive Power and Equipment
7. Steam Power74
8. Diesel Power82
9. The Box Car Fleet110
10. Gondolas and Cars for Coiled Steel116
11. Hopper, Ballast and Flat Cars126
12. Cabooses and Work Cars134
Appendix 1: Freight Equipment Rosters146
Appendix 2: Freight Schedules for various years152