Billboard Refrigerator Cars

by Richard H. Hendrickson and Edward S. Kaminski

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Historical Background9
Chapter 2Early Billboard Refrigerator Cars19
Chapter 3Billboard Reefers of the 1920s and '30s: Meat Packers35
Chapter 4North American Despatch47
Chapter 5North Western Refrigerator and Western Refrigerator Lines73
Chapter 6Merchants Despatch Transportation Company and Northern Refrigerator Car Company93
Chapter 7General American Refrigerator Express123
Chapter 8Union Refrigerator Transit Lines135
Chapter 9Quaker City Refrigerator Express157
Chapter 10Other Owners and Leasing Companies167
Chapter 11End of an Era181
Chapter 12Postwar Renaissance187
    Postwar Color Gallery200
Appendix 1Historical Color Renditions207
Appendix 2Summary of ICC Ruling209